Sunday, November 11, 2012

.a red-heeled conundrum.

for a upcoming event i had decided to keep a look out for a pair of red pumps. my vision was to put together a primary color look blue, red and green, each hue represented on one piece of my outfit. seeing that i dont have a green shoe, nor have i ever wanted to, the thought of finding a great red pump intrigued me. this however came to a halting stop this afternoon, and might indefinitely until i can answer this question: might i look like a hooker in these? i tried on every type i could find, high heel, platform, mary jane, mid-heel with a bow....and all i could think of was the pretty woman sequence.

so until i find a pair that rids me of this feeling, the search is firmly on hold.

patent pair by dolce & gabbana below.

xxo, dany

Monday, November 5, 2012

.fall break.

it seems appropriate with the time changes, turning seasons, and the anticipation of colder weather that i am craving rest. snooze, nap, rem, hibernate, count sheep, shut-eye, the whole bit. with this said since i'm terrible at sitting still, its made me take a break from other daily activities, such as blogging.

so while i get a little rest-eye, i'll leave you with a fitting image....i'll be back in a few days, refreshed and ready to contribute again.

xxo, dany

image from contributor magazine