Thursday, February 28, 2013

.wang kills it at balenciaga.

oh my word. thursday mornings are fifty/fifty. sometimes i wake up energized, other times i wake up feeling sluggish because i'm not quite close enough to the weekend. this morning though, i woke to alexander wang's very first collection with balenciaga....and things are looking UP. HOLEY CAMOLEY did he bring it. it perfectly blends his street-punk aesthetic and the tenured elegance of the balenciaga brand. i fell in love with the high-neck halter, which is such an amazing neckline for a smaller bust, and the cutout frocks with the great back detail.

so excited to see what further direction mr. wang takes.

xxo, dany


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

.white blank page.

spring is approaching quickly, almost rapidly, and i find i am craving the sun & heat. giambattista's spring 2013 collection had the tone in wonderfully beautiful looks, and i excitedly thought about how soon the season will be upon us. i can't wait to bring out and stock up on a few soft white cottons, which will inevitably be my go-to's all summer long. In dinner conversation with out of town guests last night we discussed the fact that phoenix has at least 100 days of 100 degrees or higher. unbelievable! how do we survive such a long run each year?

lots of white i suppose. and wide-brimmed hats. and spf.

xxo, dany

Friday, February 22, 2013

.run, run, run, go go go.

dear readers,

i know, i've seemingly disappeared for the past couple of weeks and i apologize. the days have gotten away from me. BUT, i fully intend on not making these large gaps a habit.

attention to my new running shoes. i'm sure some of you have seen these color monsters somewhere, but i'm so excited to get them in the next few weeks!

love. i'll be back tomorrow, promise.

asics gel-noosa tri

xxo, dany

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

.yves got the boot.

how, what the, huh? starting with hedi slimane's spring 2013 collection, the name 'yves' got the pink slip with the label now referred to as 'saint laurent paris'. not sure how such an iconic brand decides to make such a drastic change, and still not sure how i feel about it.

what i am sure about is the simple chic of the brand's shopping handbag.

more on the label re-vamp below.

nymag: ysl branding overhaul

xxo, dany