Friday, March 29, 2013

.today's outfit.

sweater by frenchi, tank and jeans by h&m, sandals by bcbg.

happy friday!

xxo, dany

Thursday, March 28, 2013

.yesterday's fortune cookie.

xxo, dany

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

.the details, givenchy fall 2013.

flipping through givenchy this morning i realized i wasn't as impressed as i usually am with their pieces. the brand breeds rock n' roll to the core, and so at the bird's eye view it met all requirements of the label's aesthetic, but each look seemed to bleed into the other, making it seem a little dull. that was until i started digging into the details. as you can see (at the magnified level) riccardo tisci's genuis showed through with how intricately he placed each the belt, undergarment, and ruffle.

the details were what made this collection. well done.

xxo, dany

Monday, March 25, 2013

.red, by zero + maria cornejo.

every time i am in new york visiting family i try to peek into zero + maria cornejo's store on greenwich st. peek being the operative word as her pieces are both beautifully crafted, and a bit out of price range. but oh how i love the detail, and how uniquely clean-lined each piece is. i'm really inspired by her fall red pieces, the richness and detail are remarkable.

and the red cocoon jacket, its what dreams are made of.

xxo, dany

.inspiration on top of inspiration.

a great way to start the week, realizing your passions for clothing style and  home design sync almost perfectly, and that life imitates art, in the small things. below is a library book that i have renewed once already and see myself renewing at least once more. it highlights mid-centtury living quarters of famous architects and furniture designers of the mid-century and how it ultimately inspired their design aesthetics. i have gotten lost in this book for hours and highly recommend it. the inspiration on top are a pair of marco santi heels i picked up from nordstrom's last chance this weekend, a steal that i plan to pair with my baggiest jeans and a white tank for summer. perfect.

happy monday.

handcrafted modern

xxo, dany

Friday, March 22, 2013

.friday inspiration-MR.WANG.

black cutouts from alexander wang's spring 2013 collection, and the heels, oh my. his girls look like urban warriors, at all times, and i LOVE IT.

xxo, dany

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

.the lady returns.

in a sea of platforms, 3 inch lifts, and flat wedges, i realized i no longer had a single lady heel in my possession. women, for obvious reasons, have embraced the sky high heel. typically more forgiving in the comfort and balance department, i have no qualms running in a chunky heel-i of little to no hand-eye coordination. but what about the daintier affairs, the earlier dinners, the after work drinks? they call for a more reasonable (for lack of a better adjective) height and heel.

so, these were my pick to get back into the swing of a proper lady heel, in all of their gold-columned glory. if you see me with a raised pinkie while rocking them, it's acceptable to laugh.

heels by nine west, platter by ikea.

xxo, dany

.a minimalist conflicted.

i'm a minimalist at heart. i find that a no-fuss approach to style is my forte and i enjoy simple and clean lines. with this said, i find my personal style is constantly evolving and as much as i love structure, i absolutely loved the madness of dolce & gabbana's spring 2013 collection. these looks imagine me on a gypsy vacation, with red wine in hand and cobble-stoned streets.

xxo, dany

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

.birthday pressies.

lookie at some of the amazing presents i was gifted this year. i have more to share, but these will be seen repeatedly throughout the year. i am so blessed.

clare vivier monogrammed clutch, saako scarf necklace, asics runners

xxo, dany

Thursday, March 14, 2013

.submerged by georgia wiggs.

the change went unnoticed to anyone but herself
this small shift, back to her original form
felt liberating, new, and comforting....glad to be alive and renewed. -d

xxo, dany

Monday, March 11, 2013

.colors magnificent.

alexis mabille's spring 2012 couture collection was eye-opening for me. in this collection he took design and fused it so closely with modern art-this collection made me think of a children's color book, the roy.g.biv, and a beautiful wildflower garden.

so vividly pretty.

xxo, dany

Thursday, March 7, 2013

.sexy pilgrims and the blue cadettes.

at first look i was a little let down by valentino's fall 2013 collection. it seemed very constrained, too little lace and ruffle for the label, a constant i look forward to and anxiously anticipate every season. as i flipped through i happily realized it was only for the beginning sequence. i've always been a fan of royal blue, it is such a complimentary hue, and it showed up in troves.

i love.

xxo, dany

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

.interview, dec 2012.

i bet their stories are more fascinating in russian.

xxo, dany

.supreme summer hat, in full bloom.

in search of a perfect pool party hat i come across supreme. oh supreme, it brings me back to the washington park/union square/long gone days of snitch where caps were propped lightly on dirty, bed-headed skaters. i love supreme and wonder why something of the brand's has yet to be in my closet.

despite their sold out status on several designs, i will put full efforts toward having one for the upcoming hot hot heat.

xxo, dany

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

.the cool girl.

net a porter puts out a monthly web magazine that highlights current fashion, cosmetics, starlets, scenes, etc. the cover girl this month is the one and only carine roitfeld, the epitome of french chic. it's a quick read, and it succinctly explains just how cool she is, how accomplished she's become, and her style evolution. you can't really beat it in the morning inspiration department. picture from the article below.

ms. carine roitfeld

xxo, dany

Monday, March 4, 2013

.live my life without coming up for air.

inspired by upbeat tune anna sun-walk the moon this morning and the below versace campaign. now, let's see how fast i can get ready for work....a record time is needed today.

happy monday.

xxo, dany

Sunday, March 3, 2013

.clean lined perfection.

celine's fall collection is a great example of clean. clean lines, clean tones, clean accessories.  its presentation transported me to the perfect time in the fall, when the temperature drops to a crisp cold, and the rustling leaves crunch as you walk to your next destination. below are a few of my favourite looks (although there are many more), i found these were the pieces that i would gladly fast forward through summer to be in.

coincidentally this is also the best time to stock up on cold weather items, as the season is about through. i found this ASOS piece, which is very similar look to look 4 below.


xxo, dany