Friday, July 1, 2011

wardrobe stylist: claudine arnow

meet claudine arnow, a fantastically cool stylist i was lucky enough to shadow and interview last saturday. an fit alum she has a massive resume and was so humble on speaking of her experiences, my only wish is that i had had more time to pick her brain. she spoke vividly on the prep work for a job, how she aligns the director's vision with the clothing, and her true passion for her craft. i am so excited to see the final cut of 'happy and bleeding' and thrilled claudine was able to contribute her expertise eye.

hope you enjoy the images, i will have more in the coming days!

xxo, dany

name: claudine arnow

how she started her career: spent years in paris working for givenchy and thierry mugler

street cred: has styled several fashion editorials and ad campaigns, worked with patricia fields

most exiting projects: ad campaigns with maybelline & chanel perfume

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Sada said...

What a great opportunity. So interesting. Lovely blog!