Wednesday, September 21, 2011

.cocktails, fun & fashion.

at last! a chance to share my photos from my fantastic fno night...fingers-crossed something i will be able to attend annually going forward. i think the most fascinating part of this event is how it took over the entire city. soho to madison to meatpacking to greenwich village, and every small boutique in between had lights gleaming and cocktails circulating, a site to see with only three years under its belt.

my sisters (four minus one, sorely missed) all met up in the meatpacking district. one sister, a resident of horatio and washington, is a stone's throw away from the craziness which started early- each store offering something signature and unique. fake lashes at louboutin, graffiti artists at scoop,  a band & drinks and cupcakes at theory and rebecca taylor, the scene was endless with everyone buzzing and happy to be together. our stops were theory, all saints, rebecca taylor, levi's for country music and a final stop at catherine malandrino, which offered manis and drinks followed by a cab uptown. 

we ended the night in columbus circle at the mandarine oriental for a conde naste party-a perfect escape from the city's madness with my sisters and friends.

below are a few of my favorites pics i took throughout the night-hope you enjoy and can't wait for 2012's festivities! 

xxo, dany



Oh to Be a Muse said...

looks like a lot of fun. i was actually in NYC for a bloggers conference which was sept. 7.

hope you're doing well. haven't heard from you in a while! :)

Mandy said...

oh my gosh!! that looks like such a blast. Can I please join you next year!? :)