Sunday, September 23, 2012

.spontaneity equals better outfits equals cooler style.

i think im turning over a new leaf, or maybe re-turning over an old leaf. im upset to admit my spontaneity with dressing has been dwindling as i get older. if i don't have to, i don't like to plan, i tend to get anxious and it oft takes out some of the fun that it would have been if it had simply just happened. the same can be applied to style. why does it become harder and harder to just throw on the ensemble without thinking of all the other options? well, im over it. from now on, its ten minutes to out the door, no rethinking. a look i put together in a minute, id like to think it channels anna dello russo, and it will (as promised, in some shape of the below image) be quickly thrown together for a fun night out....

go ahead, i dare you to do the same.

xxo, dany

asos mesh top, two gold vintage necklaces, ferragamo sunglasses.

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