Monday, December 10, 2012

.holiday leopard, a style evolution.

what better way to start a monday morning off than to think about next weekend's outings and what newbies in the wardrobe will be showcased? not much i don't think. so please see exhibit A below. my closet has never been a huge animal print supporter, something about the busy-ness of the print made me weary of it, even in small doses. this top however, made me change my spots, o lala! found this treasure while flipping through the pixie market website here. i think it's the mix of the valentino frill with the dolce & gabbana rawrrrr. and i'm still thinking about the slippers from the target x neinman marcus collection found here.

something's in the air, and i'm liking it. happy monday.

xxo, dany

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Bria OC said...

I love this shirt esp the contrast between the red and print. Really nice :)