Monday, January 7, 2013

.the ruffled bunch.

i get ruffled easily. i was telling my boyfriend today that i still wake up frantic occasionally because i've dreamt i am back in college and forgot to attend an entire semester of math class, which results in me praying and hoping my professor and final exam grades do not notice my absence. this is not that kind of ruffle. it all started with the craving to have a ruffle on my next swimsuit bottom, you know, the girly ruffle that outlines the waist and thighs, not the toddler ruffle repeated across the bum. i started to look for what may have been inspiring this and realized ruffles were everywhere on spring 2012's runway. below are a few that i wouldn't mind waking up to

..............if only to take my mind off the failed math course i'm doomed to repeat.

xxo, dany

mcqueen spring 2012

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