Wednesday, March 20, 2013

.the lady returns.

in a sea of platforms, 3 inch lifts, and flat wedges, i realized i no longer had a single lady heel in my possession. women, for obvious reasons, have embraced the sky high heel. typically more forgiving in the comfort and balance department, i have no qualms running in a chunky heel-i of little to no hand-eye coordination. but what about the daintier affairs, the earlier dinners, the after work drinks? they call for a more reasonable (for lack of a better adjective) height and heel.

so, these were my pick to get back into the swing of a proper lady heel, in all of their gold-columned glory. if you see me with a raised pinkie while rocking them, it's acceptable to laugh.

heels by nine west, platter by ikea.

xxo, dany

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