Monday, June 6, 2011

vintage wonderland

saturday afternoon rekindled my love for vintage resale shops. tucked away in oldtown scottsdale is a vintage disneyland, fashion by robert black. the little shop run by him and his business partner doreen picerne has a full collection of jewelry, blouses, hats, belts, dresses, and evening gowns that kept me quietly occupied for a good part of the afternoon, and if not for other pending errands would have kept me till close. they were both kind enough to allow me to take pictures and also answered questions on several  pieces. one dress (the yellow with orange embroidery) reminded me vividly of prada's spring 2011 collection, with its spanish influenced embroidery-its previous owner had brought this piece and a second multicolored dress with yarn pom-poms all over. the woman had also attached a photo of her in one, both dresses bought circa 60's in puerta vallarta. i myself left with an opera coat, a pair of bright orange clip-on earrings, and a gorgeous choker (all to be posted soon!).

oh the stories these dresses could tell....another afternoon very soon will be spent at this special boutique. below are some images i took through the day, followed by the prada spring campaign i kept thinking about.

link below to their site.

xxo, dany 

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Oh to Be a Muse said...

loving all the little baubles in that first photo. this is going to be an awesome place for thrifting, Dany!