Wednesday, June 22, 2011

.a wish list of sorts.

i treat a wish list as an inspiration board-pieces that translate easily to different brands, seasons, new or vintage. hopefully i can find the exact/similar style on a future weekend shop.

xxo, dany

clockwise from top:
  • 80/20 booties- i love how comfortable these shoes are and still give me a little lift
  • topshop dress- great embroidery-perfect for a post heat indian summer night
  • zadig & voltaire necklace- the linked hearts would be a great, unexpected accent
  • topshop blouse- could easily be found at a vintage shop
  • zadig & voltaire hunter green bag- great shape and perfect for day & night
  • topshop lace top - could be worn both casual and formal, depending on the rest of the outfit


The Other Coco Chanel said...

I'm an avid user of the wishlist. I use my wishlist to give me ideas of how to reflect my image for the upcomig season. It reminds me of what the trends are and how I can arrange them to make them my own.

I'm surprised you found me through my EXPRESS Yourself blog. I haven't updated that site in months but couldn't bring myself to shut it down. Would love for you to visit my main site at

Thank you for thinking of me


Oh to Be a Muse said...

i really like the linked hearts necklace and those 80/20 booties. sounds like we need a Topshop in Arizona!