Saturday, August 27, 2011

.boots, my painting & saturday plans.

the past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy as i prep for a week-trip to ny. the hurricane is on its way through and i'm anxious for my sisters in the city-i know they're taking all the safety precautions and praying the storm will pass harming no one in its path. with the sun blazing and intense heat wave in arizona, temperatures reaching record highs, my plans are to keep cool, tidy the apartment & catch up on all of the september issues!

below are the marni boots and painting that are on my favorite list this week- i found the boots, originally $900 for $60 dollars at nordstrom rack and cannot wait to stomp around in them this fall. the painting is an entertaining story, after a year plus of having two blank canvas up on my wall i finally took the plunge and re-interpreted one of my favorite rothkos- i love how it turned out and have a picture below on the prep and supplies...

have an amazing weekend and make sure to take time out for your own inspirations, keep safe and dry east coast!

xxo, dany


Mandy said...

Love those boots! What a steal. I am so ready to begin Fall shopping. Please post a pic of the finished art work! Such a neat idea.


Meena Dhuga said...

awesome post

Meena ♥