Sunday, April 15, 2012

.adr's birthday rules.

i love anna della russo's birthday rules-they are always so quirky and fun. below is the link to her page, i would highly recommend her other top ten's.

xxo, dany

adr blog

First i wish to invite all of u!
many people asked me what should
to wear at our birthday party. Here my 10 TOP rules:
But Get a LOOK!
2. Emphasizes your shape,
it’s a DISCO party,
it’s all about BODY LANGUAGE.
3. Go very LIGHT!
Leave home coat, scarf,
and bulky bags:
no LAYERS are admitted!
4. No wearing STOCKINGS!
Bare legs are more sexy and irresistible.
Spray on AIRBRUSH LEGS and you will get
silky and smooth skin in an instant.
5. Of course you can wear BLACK,
but you will disappear in the darkness.
6. Absolutely HIGH-HEELS:
otherwise you will disappear in the crowd.
7. LONG dress is permitted
but you will clean all the dance floor.
8. From the waist up is very important:
get an extravagant, strong MAKE-UP,
get fresh and smelling HAIR.
9. Hands free, no clutch, no phones,
no cigarettes: HANDS UP!
10. After a FASHION-SHOWER wear
a short-dress and enjoy DANCE!

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