Monday, May 21, 2012

.the routine.

ive been asked several times about my makeup regimen and i finally decided take some time to post it. i love a fresh clean look. thankfully, i was blessed with a good complexion so i try to thank my skin by not bombarding it with unnecessary pollutants (ie. foundation, heavy lotion, powder, etc.).

1) after a quick rinse with soap, i moisturize with oil of olay, my mother's favourite facial lotion.
2) a dab of concealer, i use a liquid mac. i find its the most natural consistency i've ever used and very user-friendly.
3) cheek stain. the key with a cheek stain is a very light circle on the apple, and to rub outward. i've found one cheek at a time is less stressful since it does absorb quickly.
4) great lash mascara. i have tried every kind out there and by far this is my mainstay.
5) for nights out or when i find the time, i due a liner on my lid. this is usually the extent of my eye makeup.
6) fresh sugar lip balm. so soft and it has a lovely tint and scent to it.

and wa-lah! all done. very easy, and basic enough to apply to every skin tone.

xxo, dany

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