Monday, May 14, 2012

.shop file: kitty.

 last thursday i was thrilled to do the first of my weekly shop file series on kitty, located in scottsdale quarters. From the moment you step in, you realize you've hit girl dream world. The entire boutique is packed with the perfect presents for yourself and friends; encyclopedia-sized books on YSL, DIOR, Harper’s Bazaar, house of harlow baubles (which I’ll be back for), furry cellphone cases (all the rage on the fashion photographer blogosphere), and every, and im mean every, Hello Kitty item on the market. and to top it all off, there was champagne and a book signing for a breakup cookbook titled, 'screw the skinny bitches, i want to eat' by sonya zepeda - a kitchsy cookbook on the journey from mourning breakup recipes thru to over it recipes, a great present for the girlfriend with a recently departed schmoe. i happy left with a new tokyo milk perfume called gin & rosewater and will be visiting again to embark on another ultra-girly excursion..four stars, kitty!

xxo, dany

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theM.A.D.creationist said...

Great photos! ;)