Sunday, April 7, 2013

.editorial vs. commercial, a derek lam/kohl's failure.

my anticipation for derek lam's capsule collection with kohl's was palpable. i always get excited for designer's collaborations with large chains as i feel they can use this chance to raise the bar for retailer's regular season's offerings. one piece in particular, the jumpsuit shown in several ads and the official lookbook, made me giddy. it had such a great cut, and looked less mainstream, far more high-end and editorial than you typically see in capsules....i anxiously awaited its april debut.

this, until the actual debut. while flipping through whowhatwear's slideshow of the collection, now available at kohl's, i clicked on the direct link and was sorely disappointed at what was actually selling in stores. a very, very watered down form of this jumpsuit, practically indistinguishable to the lookbook picture. i was dumbstruck. how does this happen? when a genius piece from a designer's drawing board gets cut, and nipped and sliced into something completely unrecognizable from it's original sketch? very disappointed, hopefully derek lam can offer this jumpsuit again at a later point, in its better form.

xxo, dany

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