Tuesday, April 2, 2013

.pattern on pattern action.

i've tasked myself with cleaning out my closet this week. with the upcoming season change, its the a good time to clear out the old and de-clutterize. this is not such an easy chore as some of the donations were hard. pieces from my study abroad program (fall 2006) which have i still have nostalgic attachments to were the toughest to cut. only a few were let go....perhaps on the next go ill be more severe.

below is a dress that i bought in ko phi phi, thailand, which will never be given away. it's the perfect cut for summer and feels like a second skin to me now. the shoes are new from zara, and i cannot wait to break them in with a great pair of baggy jeans, overalls perhaps.....i should have kept a pair from my grade school collection. i love that they're the perfect balance of masculine & feminine.

xxo, dany

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