Tuesday, May 3, 2011

one size fits small

vogue's march 2011 article entitled, "south korea: the epicenter of the fashion universe" was equally a great read and a little outdated. not to boast, but i've known this for quite some time now.

studying abroad in singapore afforded me three day course filled weeks and long weekends to take in all that southeast asia had to offer. midway through my semester i took a five day trip to south korea, which opened me up to an entirely new fashion sensibility. dongdaemun market, the 24 hr. shopping mall with shops and shops of amazingly cut and fitted clothing at reasonable pricing. i was hooked.

returning home i searched hard on the internet for an online hub that offered me access to south korean designers back in the states. yesstyle.com is my best kept secret :)

website advantages: cutting-edge clothing, quality made with reasonable pricing.

website disadvantages: lengthy shipping times (comparable to asos.com) and sizing runs small (which could also be an advantage for some)

below is a link to yesstyle.

above pics of the vogue article, dongdaemun market, and some recently bought jackets :)

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