Tuesday, July 24, 2012

.my favorite t-shirts story.

a souvenir i bought myself from a wedding weekend in austin, tx is where this love story begins. i always wanted the catchy slogan in the form of a boys' tee, but never had a reason to buy one until i visited the lone star state. the fit was perfect at purchase, so naturally i wore it when i could, all the time. i lovingly chose it as my workout out top, where it stayed for a year and a half in my corporate gyms locker and laundry systems. every lunch i used my texas shirt, and daily it was washed and folded back into my gym locker. hard workouts got me the coveted wear and tear, and while i no longer wear it to the gym, its tucked away in my closet and worn frequently, but delicately. its earned it.

xxo, dany 

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