Tuesday, July 3, 2012

.project: stenciled jeans.

on a hot summer day (today) i had the most brilliant idea. stenciled jeans. the very current native-american isabel marant jeans inspired me to try this trend on for size, in form of large hawaiin-esque flowers down man skinny jeans...i'll do my best to explain how i did them.

xxo, dany

project: stenciled jeans

the jeans: i chose a pair of clearance mens faded skinny jeans with a slight drop-crotch for $10 that fit great, amazing!


the supplies and prep-work:

  •  fabric paints
  • doilies (cut out center) & large flower print (cut out each flower to use as a stencil)
  • dishwashing sponges (cut into six squares)

cutting to fit: i made sure to try on the pants with a pair of heels to ensure they were cropped to the correct spot. tip: always give a smidge extra of length since this will fray after the first use.

fraying: we used heel-smoothers and wood board to gently fray the jean edges, the fraying will continue to occur over continuous use.

in progress:

the most challenging part, which i neglected to take pictures of, is the light paint application to the stencils to ensure the full flower/doily is seen. i used the cream and gold paint and layered the outline and inline of the flower stencil. my sister used the doilies and flowers in red on a pair of daisy dukes, another great look...

the end product:
great right?!?

any questions, let me know!

xxo, dany


Michelle's Style File said...

These jeans look amazing!


Milica Lubardic said...

cool idea! Love Isabel Marant

th.dany said...

thanks so much michelle and milica!

Lisa Simone Daniels said...

Cool! Loving this!


Lisa Simone


Jackie G.Loves said...

Love the result!